December 14, 2013


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On this snowy Saturday morning, I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases of the past week.

1. Yes, I had to buy the Kate Moss Playboy issue. She looks insane. So iconic and I can't wait to frame this and add it to my gallery wall!

2. The boots are two Aldo purchases from their Cyber Monday sale. I am obsessed! I got one pair that I could use as an everyday boot and another boot for going out. I am in love with both, they are super comfortable, and were a great deal at around $50. I will be styling them in many posts to come.  They are still having a sale now so I listed the links to them below, along with some other options I love.

ALDO ANKLE BOOTS: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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Epp Krusenvald said...

haha the playboy is funny! But hey, Kate rocks so why not! :)