January 05, 2014


What a whirlwind Winter it has been! (yet I'm still drinking iced coffee) I can't believe how much snow everyone is getting!

After falling on my back on 5th avenue during a crazy snow storm, I realized it was time to invest in some snow boots... or, ya know, something close enough.  While a lot of girls in NYC are rocking their Sorels and looking pretty cute, I couldn't bring myself to buy something that would only serve the purpose of trekking through a few snow storms while I commute. 
Instead, I decided to buy these semi-practical boots above from Aldo.  I can wear these commuting to work, and still leave them on all day and feel cute.  The treads on the bottom keep me from slipping, and the lining is really warm!
So while searching for snow boots, just remember to look for a few key details- warmth, a practical sole, and sturdy! then take it from there...you don't necessarily need some clunky boot to make it through Winter this year!

Sweater/ H&M (similar)

Scarf/ H&M (similar)

Coat/ H&M


Tali N said...

lovely chic comfy style! love all the details from the scarf to the boots..xo tali

Tali N said...

Nice chic comy style! love all the details
xo tali

Nicole Young said...

Oh my gosh I need that scarf! I love this cozy winter outfit!