June 17, 2014


So let me start off by saying, I am so not a "sandal girl". I hate being barefoot, wearing flip flops, anything of the sort (booties all year round please).  But now that it is starting to hit 90 degrees in NY, there really is just no way to avoid them.  So, I had to find some cute ones that worked into my anti-sandal wardrobe, and wound up with some style I actually love to wear!  I will be living these three all Summer, and that feel are essential styles everyone should own.

1. Let's start with The Controversial Birkenstock!
With this shoe, I went from a girl telling my high school boyfriend I would not leave the house with him until he took off his Birkenstocks ...To ok these are on the runways and I guess certain people can pull them off ... To "omg they have pony hair ones in leopard print", I kind want them.  I can't really believe myself for breaking down and buying a pair. But, I am now kind of obsessed.  I have never been more comfortable in my life, and I can not take them off! (Steve Madden Boundree Sandal, $44)

2. The Low, Simple and Strappy Sandal  These Dolce Vita shoes are amazing. I literally can walk miles in these without feeling a thing. I also love the low heel paired back to shorts for a polished daytime look. I really hate wearing flats with shorts, so I love this alternative. But, really they are easy to throw on with everything.  (Dolce Vita Zinc Sandal, $39)

3. The Chunky Heel I love these as an update to a Summer wedge. They have a more modern and edgy look to them, but still offer that comfort because of the chunky heel. Perfect for Summer nights out in the city! ( Zara, $99)

Shop these styles and other favorites below!


Jenay Antoinette said...

Its so funny how you mention your previous thoughts on the Steve Madden Boundree Sandal. I used to think the same thing! Men were always the ones rocking these either bare footed or with Socks... yikes. lol
But seeing the new and improved versions lately has got me wanting a pair..or two! You're picks are a definite must have this summer. Love them all!

xoxo Jenay Antoinette

Nikki said...

Girl I just don't know if I can bring myself to purchase some birks/birk look-a-likes. I just can'tttttt. The only ones I sort of like are the metallic ones at Target. I want to like them but I just don't think I'll be able to do it! Maybe if they're printed....

Andréa Viza said...

i am still fighting with myself if i want a birkenstock type sandal (my younger sister&dad has been sporting them since they were cool yeeaarrsss ago, so it would be a slight defeat)
can't wait to see how you style them