July 01, 2014

July Wardrobe Essential: Perfect Prints


The last months of Summer for me are all about fun, easy outfits in great colors- so prints have now become my go-to look!

Originally, I was never really drawn to prints while shopping, usually I am turned off by the loud designs and colors, but with so many new options out right now, I have really fallen in love with this look! Honestly, just looking at this collage makes me happy and ready to go shopping...

Though prints can seem like they are a challenge to style, I find them much easier to wear because you really just need one piece to create a stand out look.  Its so easy to just throw on one of these pieces with any basic tees or accessories to create a fun, Summer look that will STAND OUT!  What are your thoughts on prints?

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1 comment:

Giovanna said...

Cute picks! Loving that pencil skirt!